What's In your Pool Bag?

Posted on June 24, 2019

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On those hot, sticky, sunny days everyone is in a rush to get to the nearest pool to cool down and have some fun. In the chaos of rushing out the door, we wanted to give you a list of our favorite things to always have stocked in a pool bag. All of which make your summer swimming experience more memorable!

Instead of just grabbing the basics (a towel and sunscreen), we took some time to consider other fun accessories that will make you feel prepared for anything. Here is what we put in our pool bag that you might not have thought of before...

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A micofiber cloth to clean off your sunglasses and phone surfaces.

This sweet and sour lemon shaped accessory will be your saving grace when your glasses have dried water droplets from too many cannon balls, or your phone screen is oiled up from sun tan lotion. It folds up nicely to pack away for any and every occasion.

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A water resistant cosmetic bag.

People often forget about the time period after swimming at the pool, when you are wanting to change out of your wet bathing suit and into fresh, dry clothes. That's where bringing our sizable water resistant pouch along with you comes in handy. Pack it with your change of clothes and throw in other small necessities such as your sunscreen, cell phone, or a good book to enjoy while sun bathing. Both practical and stylish, your things will be better protected from the water and the heat.

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An ID case holder.

While we don't expect to be carded at the pool (unless you wanted to place an order for a poolside margarita), it is always smart to bring along some identification and money. While it isn't necessary to haul your entire purse or leather wallet full of change and giftcards, it's nice to be prepared with the essentials! Slip our stylish terrazza patterned case into your pool bag for your own peace of mind.

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Snacks of course!

Whether you want to enjoy some sliced fruit poolside, snack on something sweet and salty, or sip your favorite beverage, pool days are always more enjoyable when you aren't constantly thinking about your next meal. So come prepared with whatever it is you crave on hot summer days. You will thank us later.

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