What To Bring To A Fireworks Show

Posted on June 21, 2019

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Summer comes with all sorts of fun and traditions; among them is late night fireworks! We want to make sure that you are prepared so that you and your loved ones can enjoy the fireworks show to the fullest.

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Our Top 5 Things To Bring to a Fireworks Show:

1. A large blanket for everyone to relax on before and during the fireworks.

2. A camera to capture all of the memories that will be made!

3. A waterproof pouch to transport sunscreen, bug spray, a few extra water bottles, and even a wet swim suit if you are going to the fireworks show after a day at the pool.

4. Snacks! Pack fruits and veggies, or pack a summer favorite like s'mores supplies in a clear container that will give easy access to the goodies!

5. A stylish basket with handles to carry all of the necessities. We suggest our woven basket since it is easy to carry and is lightweight.

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Pack your basket tight, load everyone up in the car, and make sure to get there early so you can get the best spot for the fireworks. We promise that being prepared will make this summer tradition all the more sweet!

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