Trend Report from Germany: Ambiente 2016

Posted on February 22, 2016

The Ambiente trade fair in Frankfurt took place from Friday, February 12 to Tuesday, February 16, 2016. Ambiente, the world’s leading international trade fair, was split into three main sections: Dining, Living and Giving. This show features products for the table, kitchen, household, wining and dining, giving, the home, and furnishing. The event was jam-packed full of exhibitors, buyers and designers from across the globe. Four trends were prominent throughout the show including "Artisanal Gardening," "Futuristic Couture,"Functional Simplicity," and "Composing Freedom."

Artisanal Gardening:

The boundaries between indoor and outdoor are becoming more and more dim, creating a harmonious ambiance between one another. This trend stood out in a major way with a powerful color palette of late summer tones. Beautiful flowers and natural materials were found throughout the show just as if you were wandering through your own peaceful garden.

Artisanal Gardening_1.JPGArtisanal Gardening_2.JPGArtisanal Gardening_3.JPGArtisanal Gardening_4.JPG

Futuristic Couture:

The combination of innovative manufacturing and traditional production has opened up new possibilities for interior design. This technology has brought about this trend that lends an air of science fiction and an unfamiliar aesthetic to accessories in the home.


Functional Simplicity:

This minimalistic trend brought back designs in their purest form and function. Geometric shapes accompanied by an uncomplicated palette brought the most authentic and high-caliber designs.

Functional Simplicity_1.JPGFunctional Simplicity_2.JPGFunctional Simplicity_3.JPGFunctional Simplicity_4.JPGFunctional Simplicity_5.JPGFunctional Simplicity_6.JPG

Composing Freedom:

This carefree trend brings elements of bold colors, a mixture of old and new, and eccentric and offbeat patterns. These combinations are the least conventional trends of the upcoming season. The only commonality of these designs is the spontaneity in their development.

Composing Freedom_1.JPGComposing Freedom_2.JPGComposing Freedom_3.JPGComposing Freedom_4.JPG

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