The Ultimate Snack Board

Posted on July 11, 2019

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Whether you love to make an impression while hosting friends and family, or you prefer to treat yourself to a night in, we have the perfect spin on a snack board that you need to make a part of your summer routine.

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While cheese boards have been all the rage this year, we are making way for a new spin on the snack board that everyone expects at most social events. Ditch the grapes and cheese and switch it out for assorted sauces, veggies, and fresh from the fryer chicken wings! While the food is important, the fun part that makes the biggest difference is the presentation. So here is what you need to make this snack look even better than it tastes:

-A sizable wooden serving tray to pile all of the goodies on. Start with the veggies and sauces, but make sure you are spreading out the colors and sizes for a balanced looking snack tray; then fill in the empty spaces with chicken wings. There is no wrong way to do it, so get creative!

-Fun assorted bowls for displaying the different dipping options. Barbecue, ranch, or buffalo sauce? We couldn't choose so we piled them all onto the board to give a nice variety of color and flavor to our snack board.

-Paper towels are an absolute must. Need we say more?

-Beverage glasses prepped for your favorite refreshment. We went with retro bottles of coke to add to the aesthetic.

-A table runner with a pop of color to bring it all together. Our exotic table runner is the perfect accent to make this snack look like a total treat. Going the extra mile with little accents like these makes all the difference!

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IMG 9424
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