The Ultimate Craft Room for Any Hobbyist

Posted on March 26, 2019


Whether you paint, sew, scrapbook, knit, are a calligrapher or are just plain talented in every way, one thing that us creatives all have in common is that we crave a space that is ours. A space for us to be able to organize our supplies and have fun! Well, lucky for you, we have created a list of everything you need to create the ultimate craft room that any hobbyist would love.


1. Inspiring Interior

It all starts with the room. Choose a room that is going to motivate you to do good work. Whether that is one with a view and lots of light pouring in, or a space that is covered from floor to ceiling with photos that inspire you. Settle down in a space that inspires you! In our case, we wanted to be able to work and soak in some vitamin D at the same time in a light and airy space.

2. Fun Furniture

The work that you will make in this room is going to be extraordinary, so why should it be filled with ordinary things? Choose to furnish your space with fun colors and textures to get a look that is as creative as you are. We chose a wicker chair, a refurbished desk, a rolling locker for your valuables, and beautiful sage green storage unit. All on top of a jute rug to up the cozy factor!


3. Stylish Storage Solutions

Organize your supplies in not-so-ordinary storage containers- and don't be afraid to mix and match! In order to keep the space looking bright and fresh, we mixed and matched our stackable white Gridlock™ storage bins, paper boxes, natural toned wicker baskets and metal storage nests. We must say, it is a match made in heaven.


4. Lovable Labels

Want to bring your craft room to the next level? Purchase a label maker. Once you start you might not be able to stop, but it makes a world of difference when trying to organize smaller supplies. We loved using this vintage inspired punch label maker to add some contrast to our shelf.

Img 1861
Craft9 2

5. Furry Friends

You may shake your head, but this tip is very necessary when wanting an adorable work space. Although it might be a little more tough to get things done!

Craft9 1

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