The Modern-Industrial Male Office Your Husband Has Been Waiting For

Posted on May 23, 2019

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It can be hard designing a stylish, practical and manly office space, but the right balance of the three could make for a productive work environment that you're proud of, which makes all the difference! We have a couple tricks that will help you achieve this goal by adhering to a clean and modern look.

Keep it Clean

This refers to the shelves, the floor, and even the wall color of your office (go with white, cream, or light grey- you can thank us later). Not everything has to be full in order for it to look finished. Not only does following the "minimalistic" trend help you to keep a clean office and a clear head, but it allows for statement pieces that you decide to decorate with to be bigger statements. Some of our favorite statements that shine in this office include our Andaman™ fish and our clean and sleek Oslo™ table used as a work space.

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Keep it Natural

Natural tones and elements make for an industrial looking space. That's why our Sutton™ desk organizers fit so well in this office. The black metal pattern with the wooden accents give the room a rustic vibe. It also helps to have many pieces from one series because it gives the room unity and makes it feel more organized. That is why we chose to accessorize and organize with the magazine file, letter holder, pencil cup, and small basket. Other natural elements that we brought into the room include our Axis™ bowl (which is a great way to stash loose change or small valuables), our cork Nelson™ organizer to store small office necessities, a few of our Takara™ wood office accessories, and our naturally textured Klein™ pouf to use as a footrest on days when the office chair just isn't cutting it.

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