Style Your Space Like a Boutique Owner

Posted on January 16, 2019


Do you ever walk into a boutique, obsess over their items, and then realize that what you really love is how they display those items? We have found that jewelry and every day essentials are so much more attractive and appealing when they are on display. Boutiques figured that out a long time ago, now it's your turn.

Non-Essentials are Essential

If you want your space to feel special, make it special. Put your favorite photos in a frame, have your best smelling candle available, or (our personal favorite) place some beautiful greens in a vase to freshen up the space. Adding these types of details makes the space feel like more of an experience rather then just an area where your things are stored.


Stylish Storage

Storage is not just for drawers and cabinets, it's for tabletop surfaces as well. Simply placing a set of earrings on a stylish plate makes it look like they are meant to go there, while placing them directly on the counter makes it seem as though they need to make their way back to your jewelry organizer. The same goes for other everyday items. Having a tray to place makeup remover and lotions will make them seem as though they belong, while also adding style to your counter top.

Pro-Tip: only display the makeup and jewelry that you use on an every day or weekly basis, and store away any specialty items in another place. This will make your surface a lot more clean and practical!


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