Some Not So Scary Halloween Décor

Posted on October 02, 2018

Friends, it's time. Time for bonfires, sweaters, and all of our favorite high-calorie snacks and drinks that kind of (but not really) taste like pumpkin. With the change of seasons comes a welcomed change of scenery, both outside and inside your home!

All the stores have officially brought out all of their Halloween-inspired items, which usually involve creepy crawlers, black cats, and witch hats. While those can certainly get people in the fall spirit, we have a few interior solutions that won't send your guests screaming.


Oh. My. Gourd.

Who else loves that fall is a season where we can solely decorate with vegetables? They are fun, colorful, and CHEAP! Head to your local grocery store (or make a trip to a local pumpkin patch) and grab yourself a bushel. They are such a great way to bring in those natural fall colors and textures.

Style them to perfection in a variety of ways: whether they stand alone on a table or shelf, are showcased on a pedestal for your tablescape, or are thrown together in your favorite bowl. No matter what you choose, the little effort here will make a huge difference. Just like that your home went from waving off summer to screaming fall (and not because of mummies and monsters).



Warm Touches

It's getting chilly outside, which means when we come home we want it to be a cozy oasis. There are a lot of different ways you can make a home seem warm and inviting. Personally, we love doing this with candles, natural colors, and textures.

Besides fall-scented candles making your home smell like the inside of a warm oatmeal raisin cookie (YUM), the soft glow can really set the tone. Find a scent that you love and place it in the heart of your home.

NotSoScary Candle.jpg

Another effortless way to cozy your space is with natural colored and textured linens. Our linen of choice? Throw pillows! Stack them high and wide, because you can never have too many. Together, they will make your couch look irresistible.



Incorporating black and white into your fall decor is a subtle way to credit Halloween without sacrificing your style. It's reminiscent of witch stockings and other spooky creatures, but it also goes with everything. We recommend mixing in black and white colors through pillows, tins, photos, or even your clothes!


All The Right Ingredients

Now that we've given you a recipe for the perfect fall interior, mix everything together and what will you get? We loved incorporating these warm touches, textures, natural tones, and black and white items to make a statement wall that is warm and welcoming and all things fall.



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