Our Favorite Ways To Prep For The Upcoming School Year

Posted on July 26, 2019

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Some of us might be more ready than others, but ready or not, summer is coming to a close! With that comes the exciting (and most times stressful) start of another school year. Getting school supplies and class schedules is one thing, but getting in a routine at home is a whole other challenge. With that in mind, we wanted to share some of our favorite ways to get organized at home to make the school year go smoothly! All it involves is some prep and a label maker.

The morning before the bus comes usually consists of running around, trying to find clean clothes to wear, getting lunches packed, and making sure everything needed for the day is tucked safely in your kid's backpack. Then the afternoon after getting home consists of dropping everything at the door and having to make sure the kids don't spoil their dinner with too many sugary snacks! We get it. That is why we think that labeling snacks and lunch accessories is going to be one of your favorite things that you have ever done for yourself.

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Along with labeling snacks and lunch supplies, it is also helpful to have containers full of sandwich supplies for easy grab n' go! Not only could it prevent the constant nagging of getting your kids to clean up the counter and put away their mess, but it could also bring a little bit of a rustic farmhouse style to your kitchen. We would consider that a win-win.

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Another thing that comes along with the school year is the need to sign papers and check homework on a daily basis. Creating a center for your kids to be able to communicate with you what their needs are could save a lot of stress and back and forth! Simply place a letter sorter in the entryway of your house (along with some pens) and label two folders: one for papers that need checked or signed, and the other full of the documents that the kids need to put back in their backpacks before leaving the next day. Easy right?

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Combining these tasks can not only make you feel organized and like there is *finally* a system in place, but it can cause less stress between you and your kids, making the school year and time at home more fun and relaxing!

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