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Posted on March 10, 2016

As a professional organizer and a mom of three, I love using baskets to organize closets. Baskets are a quick, easy way to maximize space and keep your stuff organized. I reviewed several of Design Ideas' products and found several worth noting:

The "Must Have"


The Water Hyacinth storage baskets are incredible (available for purchase at Design Ideas). They come in two sizes (small & large). One cool thing to note about these baskets is how they are made. They are hand woven from sustainably harvested hyacinth reeds that would otherwise clog the rivers and waterways of Thailand, dried into long sturdy strands. After weaving, the “mat” of material is folded and formed into the baskets. It is one of Design Ideas' re:generation™ products (created from recycled, re-purposed and sustainably produced materials). Aside from how these baskets are made, they are very functional and look amazing. They are perfect for storing a variety of things in your closet - work-out clothes, pajamas, lingerie and such (things you can just toss in a basket and do not really need to fold). While you are at it, you should get the matching Water Hyacinth laundry basket as well. It is a great drop spot for your dirty clothes and looks a lot better than tossing the clothes on the floor.

The Sleek Option


The new Savoy™ storage nests are awesome (available for purchase at Design Ideas). The nests come in a variety of sizes (small, long, large & giant), but I especially like the long ones for socks, handkerchiefs and little accessories. I think a man would like to use these in his closet because they are sleek and modern. Not only does corralling clothing into baskets keep what's in the basket organized, but it can also serve as a divider. For example, t-shirts on one side, socks in the basket and shorts on the other side.

The Shoe Solution


The Vinea™ shoe shelf and the Mesh™ shoe shelf are two great solutions for getting shoes off the floor. These can be stacked in an area where there is open wall space to create your own shoe caddy or shoe area. If you do not have open wall space to stack the shoe shelves, you can usually fit at least one under the clothing hanging in your closet. Both shelves are available for purchase online from Design Ideas.

The Perfect Storage for Accessories

Lookers Boxes.jpg

Lookers® square boxes (available from Urban Outfitters) are adorable. I think the clear ones are perfect for storing items you want to see but don't want sitting out collecting dust. They come in a variety of sizes and are perfect for storing scarves, extra wallets, clutches and hats. You can use them in a little girl’s closet to store hair bows and accessories. These are also great for the items you do not use very often but need to keep in your closet; if they are stored in these boxes on the top shelf, you can still see them but they are not taking up valuable real estate in the main area of the closet.

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