How To Transform Your Bathroom into a Relaxing Oasis

Posted on January 08, 2019


All of us have had those overwhelming moments that make you wish you had a place where you could retreat and recoup. Salons and spas can do the trick sometimes, but for as often as we crave a good spa day, we think it should be a bit closer to home. With that in mind, we found the perfect way to transform your bathroom into a relaxing oasis that you won't want to leave.


Freshen Up

Keeping seasonal sprigs on hand is an easy way to bring some fresh life into your space. Sprigs and florals can be freshly picked from your garden or bought at a local farmers market. Clean, simple vessels are our favorite way to display florals in the bathroom.


Make Sure Everything Has a Place

Instead of filling the tub and just placing your body wash and shampoos within reach, display your essentials (and even non-essentials) in stylish ways. One general rule to follow is to make sure that nothing is standing on its own. Cluster smaller items together in a display bowl, stand up your favorite hair products on a tray, and throw the eye sore bathroom products into a closed storage bin that is easier to look at. This includes towels! Instead of folding them up to lay next to the tub, toss them into a storage basket right next to you. That way everything you could ever need is within reach, has a place, and looks better than ever.


The Difference Between a Bath and a Spa

Now that your space is fresh and clean and your items are organized and on display, it's time to introduce the real game changers. Implementing these simple tips will transform a your bath into a spa experience. Remember those display trays that you put all of your essentials on? Well go ahead and sprinkle in some tealight candles and sprigs of greenery. Whether you choose to light them or not, they make the space feel more intentional. Also, grab a tray that you can lay across the tub so that you can have your favorite book and drink right in front of you.


Sit Back and Relax

After your next stressful day at the office, you'll look forward to coming home to your own little oasis. Play some of your favorite music, silence your phone, and lock the door. You're going to be a while.


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