How To Create a Guest Room You Might Just Want for Yourself

Posted on January 01, 2019


Hosting guests in your home is so much more than giving them a bed to sleep in and telling them that the bathroom is around the corner. It's an opportunity for you to take pride in the space that you create. Going the extra mile for your guests doesn't have to be complicated. Here are some tips to achieving a five-star guest suite that you might just want for yourself.


Little Luxuries

Your guests won’t have to go to a five-star hotel to feel like they are being pampered. A simple and great way to make them feel welcome is by arranging a bed tray that has goodies such as fresh towels, a pair of mugs with their favorite tea (or a bedtime snack), eye masks, hand lotion, or even a vase with flowers in it to make them feel at home (it also creates a wowing first look at the guest space). Another way to go above and beyond is to pack a cute basket with beauty essentials that they might have forgotten at home, such as an iron, hairspray, lotions, makeup remover, and even contact solution.


Bountiful Bedding

Having an abundance of bedding and linens makes the guest space feel full and cozy- not to mention fresh linens will give the room a soft and clean smell. Get creative in the way that you display the guest’s options. You could choose to drape one on the bed, hang some on a ladder or leave them folded on a stool. Having a lot of throws available will give your guests the peace of mind that they will have options if they find themselves chilly in the middle of the night.


Convenience Cubbies

There are a few ways to incorporate convenience into a guest room, no matter how big or small the space is. Have a basket available for guests to toss worn clothes into (we suggest under the nightstand to maximize space), or a stool that can be a catch-all for their outfit necessities. Another convenient trick that guests are sure to appreciate is having chargers available at their bedside. Guests will also love a stylish tray on their nightstand that can organize their jewelry or night time routine items, such as hand lotion or essential oils.


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