How To Add Some Soul To Your Kitchen

Posted on October 18, 2018

Don’t worry, you aren't alone. We all go through the picture-perfect catalogs, magazines, blogger’s Instagram accounts and may even laugh out loud when seeing their spotless kitchens. Their countertops don’t have one smudge, everything is white and clean, the dishes look as though they just came from the store, and how do they always manage to have fruit with no bruises or weird bumps?

The point is, these kitchens look nothing like ours; not because we aren’t stylish or because we never get around to cleaning, but because our kitchens are actually USED. Before reading any further, cut yourself some slack and realize that your kitchen doesn’t have to have crisp white platters and polished sinks. It just needs to have some soul! With that being said, we rounded up easy ways you can show off that "lived in" kitchen of yours and still give these bloggers some stiff competition.

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Tabletop Items That Look Better Used

There are some items that are more than necessary to display on your countertop. Instead of being unhappy that there is a chip in the fruit bowl or a stain on the platter, invest in some countertop items that look better the more you use them. Reclaimed wood accessories are a great way to go; their natural look embraces the stains and scratches. Our Takara and Catanga tabletop collections allow you to work in texture, character, and color without the worry of wear and tear. The more you use the pieces, the more unique they become.

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Second-hand Linens

Nobody wants to spend an arm and a leg on a piece of décor and then be anxious about ruining it when it comes out of the cabinet. What's the point? One item that is sure to get used yet it is always on display is kitchen towels or dishcloths. Buying these linens second hand can add some character and charm to your space and can even be a conversation starter. Hang them on the oven, drape them over your counter, or toss them into a wire basket. But whatever you do, don’t freak out when (God forbid) they actually do get a stain.

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A Mismatched Baker's Dream

Notice how we are embracing this idea of organized chaos? It’s just about finding items that can play along. One common struggle in kitchens is the constant shuffling through drawers to get the right ladle, spatula, whisk, or whatever else you need. More than likely, all these tools are different brands and colors, and to you, they might be an eyesore.

But something kind of cool happens when you put them all in the cute jar. First, it kind of makes you look like a seasoned chef or baker (that’s reason enough, right?). Second, it adds some stylish personality, especially if you have a combination of metal and wooden utensils! (Pro tip: if you want to expand your collection specifically for your countertop display, our friends at TJ Maxx have some great name brand kitchen items for discounted prices).

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