How To Achieve Bridal Shower Bliss

Posted on August 30, 2018

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Typically, if you are throwing a bridal shower, you are doing it for someone you really care about, so you want all the details to be picture perfect. While planning a shower can be a little stressful, we’ve rounded up tips to help focus on a few details that can make the shower go from pretty to a bridal kind of beautiful!

First Thing’s First: What’s the Theme?

If you have a hand in planning the shower, chances are you are close enough to the future bride that you know her style so choose an overall theme that reflects her personality. For this shower, the vibe was whimsical bohemian. Once you have that theme in mind, the next detail to execute is the table arrangements.

Put in the Extra Effort with Table Arrangements

Depending on the tone and theme of the shower, there are so many possibilities when it comes to table arrangements! To be in sync with the whimsical bohemian theme, we draped faux greenery (from Hobby Lobby) along the length of the table and added settle pops of metallic hues. We filled brass candle trays with varying heights of pillar candles to add depth to the tables. The cherry on top? We sprinkled in some of the bride-to-be’s favorite fresh flowers.

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Focal Point: The Beautiful Bride

The focal point of the entire shower is the bride, so where she’ll be sitting for a portion of the shower should be given some extra attention. We wanted a bold statement, so we used an old leather chair and brightened it up with some soft textiles – all of which sat on an oriental rug that really made the glowing bride stand out.

Knowing there would be presents that needed unwrapped, we wanted to decorate the space with some woven baskets (our own Water Hyacinth and Liana) for the excess paper and ribbons. This helped make the space look fuller AND prevented the use of a large trash bag from killing our mood. Win, win!

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Photo Backdrop (Because Pics or It Didn’t Happen)

This will be an event you want to remember, so take photos and have a dedicated location that can showcase the personality of the event that you put so much time and love into. It can be a decorated wall, a beautiful outdoor setting or, in our case, a marquee sign for the bride-to-be and guests to stand in front of.

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Bon Appetit!

While the gifts are for the bride, the food is for everyone. Having a spread that features different kinds of dishes is easiest when you ask a few trusted people to put in a little effort. A detail you can focus on after delegating food responsibilities is making a menu to let your guests know what’s what. Use vibrant language and describe each of the dishes; it gets your guests excited and possibly prevents you from having to stop focusing on the event to answer questions about the food and ingredients. Frame the menu and add it to the food table to really look like a pro.

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