Holiday Gift Guide: 8 Cute Gifts for your Coworker

Posted on November 29, 2016

Deciding what to give your coworkers for the holidays can be difficult, which is why we've come up with the perfect gifts: fun office accessories! You can easily get an idea of what your coworkers like or need since you see their desks at work. Let your coworkers know they're appreciated without breaking the bank.


1. Work Darts ($17.00 retail): Post ideas and inspirations with our miniature replicas of the darts and dartboard you’d play with on a night out with friends.

2. AlphaArt ($3.50-$10.50 retail): These colorful letter blocks can be arranged and rearranged to form words, names and abstract expressions in any thoughtful, playful combination you can imagine.

3. Lincoln Pen ($8.00 retail): For the history buff in every office!

4. Folio pouch ($11.50-$22.50 retail): Our Folio pouches will hold everything from your tablet to glasses to loose change. All tablet and large sizes are padded to protect their contents.

5. ThreeSixFive calendar ($28.50 retail): Start the day with a simple task that says you are in charge, open and ready for business. Flip the colorfully painted MDF blocks to designate the correct date and month.

6. Spyblocker webcam covers ($11.50 retail): These silicone icons stick to the smooth surface of your laptop or tablet to prevent webcam spying.

7. TakeNote Calendar ($11.50 retail): This clever calendar combines note-pad and date book into one useful unit. TakeNote gives you ample space for appointments, to-do lists and even doodles while displaying the date at a scale you’ll never overlook!

8. LabWork accessories ($22.50 retail): Your home or office work space is a kind of laboratory where you apply creative problem solving to the day’s challenges.

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