Fall Bonfire Essentials

Posted on October 04, 2019

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Get ready because these upcoming October weeks are about to be full of costume parties, haunted houses, pumpkin patch visits, cozy nights in, and of course, bonfires. Hopefully you are able to host an evening with friends and family to take advantage of cool weather and seasonal treats! If so, we have you covered on all of the essentials for your next fall bonfire.

The first thing to think about (which could seem a bit obvious) is the fire! Will you choose to gather around a fire pit in a backyard, light a huge one on a piece of private property for everyone to stand around, or go outside the box and buy a fire pit that sits on top of your outdoor table? We highly suggest the latter. It's cozy, unique, comfortable, and no need to worry about the kiddos getting too close.

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While everyone looks forward to roasting marshmallows over an open flame, there are so many other seasonal snacks that you could take advantage of this fall, and your guests will be glad you did. Along with s'mores supplies, slice up some apples and serve them next to an old fashioned caramel dip (we wont judge you if it's store bought), have apple cider or hot chocolate to drink, and perhaps even a warm pumpkin treat! The possibilities are endless, as is our appetite for all things fall.

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It can be fun to think about everyone all cozied up trying to get warm around a fire, but don't let that stop you from giving your guests other options for comfort. Go above and beyond by bringing out baskets full of throw blankets and even placing some pillows on the chairs. The more comfortable your guests are, the longer the night will last!

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Lastly, take this opportunity to spice up your patio or backyard scene with some stylish touches to really bring the night together. The perfect companion for outdoor entertaining? Lanterns. Secondary lighting can bring a space to a whole new level of cozy. Place different sized lanterns around the entertaining area, and even drape some bulbs overhead to bring in some more warm light.

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