How to Stock Your Powder Room

Posted on September 20, 2019

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There has been a lot of talk in the past couple years about the importance of 'self-care' and we are all about it. We believe self-care goes beyond massages and iced lattes, and can be achieved by an organized life. One room to focus on when wanting to treat yourself is your powder room! The room where we prep for whatever day we have ahead of us to feel like our best selves. Instead of focusing on stocking your powder room with top brands of makeup and facial care, here are some essentials for your powder room that could make dollar store brands feel like luxury items!

First things first: make sure you spend time making your powder room reflect your style. Some women might want bold and edgy accents, while others want delicate touches. Whatever your style, make sure it motivates you and makes you feel special! Here are some stylistic choices we made for this powder room to note as inspiration for your own:

1. A statement wall.

2. Sleek metal wall accents and hardware (mirror and light fixture).

3. A raw edge wooden countertop to maximize counter space.

4. Wall accents such as a favorite photo or inspiring artwork.

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Another thing to make sure to include in your powder room is stylish and practical storage solutions. Powder rooms are stocked with everything from jewelry and makeup to hair essentials. Don't be afraid to be creative with your storage while keeping your everyday products easily accessible. Here are some ideas:

1. An open wicker floor basket for toilet paper.

2. A accent tray for hair products and perfumes.

3. A minimalistic makeup organizer.

4. Hanging favorite jewelry on a secondary mirror (which can be helpful for applying makeup and seeing hair from all angles).

5. A designated space for tools such as hot curling irons.

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The last thing to consider when stocking your powder room is having a simple and easy way to take your powder room on the go. Never underestimate the power of simplifying your everyday routine. This allows for you to maximize your space, make sure you're only investing in what you use, and also helps you to pick up and go for weekend trips and vacations. Here is what we suggest:

1. Have a separate tray for makeup and jewelry that you wear on a daily basis. Everything else can be in a drawer or bag to access for less frequent occasions such as weddings or date nights when you are wanting to get fancy.

2. Have a cosmetic pouch on hand (preferably one with a liner) to pour your essentials in when leaving town or needing to get ready at another location.

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