Deck Your House For the Holidays: Modern Mantel

Posted on November 11, 2018

This Christmas, we came up with some tips and tricks to get every inch of your house in the holiday spirit. No matter what your stylistic preference is for the winter season (whether it's classy, colorful, farmhouse, or modern), these scenes can be recreated in homes with all sorts of styles and themes; just make it your own!

While we went over our favorite way to style a classic Christmas mantel, we know that there are some modern minimalists out there who could use inspiration as well. For those of you who are keeping it clean and simple this year, here are some of our favorite ways to celebrate Christmas using only the best (and the least) amount of seasonal decor.


Keep It Classy

When creating a clean and high-end look, there is one color that comes to mind: gold. This metallic finish has been creeping its way back into interior design trends and we couldn't be happier about it. Finding ways to incorporate accents of gold into your Christmas mantel display will definitely bring joy to your world. That is why we found it so easy to find a place for our Will-O-Wisp™ lanterns, which perfectly contrast with our favorite Spindle™ candlesticks. In addition, our Savoy™ storage nests are the perfect solution for storing firewood and Christmas gifts.




Bring in the Naturals

For a clean minimalist look, you want to limit the number of colors you bring in, but that definitely doesn't limit the amount of textures you should style. That's why natural accents are such a great way to go. We love the softness that our natural Tannenbaum™ trees bring to the mantle. They are also great for adding height to our display. In addition, we styled our Maiz™ baskets to hold some gifts and other decor, such as a pre-lit Christmas tree (another natural element of the scene).





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