Deck Your House For the Holidays: Kitchen

Posted on November 08, 2018

This Christmas, we came up with some tips and tricks to get every inch of your house in the holiday spirit. No matter what your stylistic preference is for the winter season (whether it's classy, colorful, farmhouse, or modern), these scenes can be recreated in homes with all sorts of styles and themes; just make it your own!

We paid special attention to the room of your home that takes the biggest beating, is typically the biggest mess, and is the reason all of us get a little bigger around the holidays- the kitchen. We've rounded up some fun and creative ways to get into the Christmas spirit without taking up unnecessary space on your much-needed counter top. Your festive space will have all of your neighbors asking to do the cookie bake in your kitchen this year.

The Essentials

It's smart to keep some cookie baking essentials on hand and organized together during the holiday season. You just never know when you'll be snowed in and forced to spend the day baking holiday treats ;). We rounded up some of our organizing favorites that are stylish enough to keep out on your countertops.

We love a good pedestal to display winter treats (BONUS: they'll also keep the treats just out of arm's length from the little ones), and stylish yet practical wooden bowls to make decorating easier, both of which match seamlessly with our unique serving tray. Now that your countertop is looking better than ever, it's time to clean up your pantry space with these stacking mesh storage bins. They'll give the rest of your ingredients a clean and organized look, and the handle allows for easy access.


The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Christmas is a time where family comes together to enjoy each other's company. Quite honestly, sometimes that time is enjoyed more when the kids have something to entertain themselves with. We've got you covered - our northern-inspired trees, elves, and Santa make the perfect (and most distracting) winter wonderland scene that will make your kitchen space merry and bright, and maybe allow for you to be a bit more productive during dinner time?


Now We're Cooking

Now that we've dished out tips for styling and organizing the Christmas kitchen of your dreams, it's time to put it to good use. We are sharing one of our favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes, and they don't get much sweeter than this. Enjoy!


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