Deck Your House for the Holidays: Front Porch

Posted on November 02, 2018

This Christmas, we came up with some tips and tricks to get every inch of your house in the holiday spirit. No matter what your stylistic preference is for the winter season, whether it's classy, colorful, farmhouse, or modern; these scenes can be recreated in homes with all sorts of styles and themes; just make it your own!

First order of business when decking your house for the holidays starts with the first thing you see: your porch.

Porch - AH edited.jpg

The More Color, the Merrier

Whatever you do on your porch, make it POP! When cars slow down passing your house you know you've done something right. Classic Christmas colors are always fun to incorporate, so we chose to match up our Tannenbaum trees in a variety of sizes with a decorative red sleigh. Choose to fill it with wrapped presents, greenery, or even a furry friend.



Unexpected Elements

Christmas is a time to get creative. There are so many factors and traditions to the season that can be so fun to incorporate. We paired some of our favorite lanterns with some shiny ornaments, topped and tied together with a seasonal sprig of greenery. The two seem to be the perfect match for adding some shine to our porch display.


Let's Get Cozy

Don't get stuck in thinking that cozies are only for inside the house. Featuring Christmas-inspired textiles hung on a ladder can make your porch look like an inviting space, and it's a great way to add more color and texture. While you can choose to get wrapped up on the porch this winter - we will probably just go inside. It sure is cute though!


Out with the Old and in with the New

Decorating your porch for the holidays doesn't just have to mean adding things, you can also swap out things that you use throughout the year as well. For instance, swap out your Halloween doormat and use our natural wood inspired doormat throughout the entire winter season (even after the holidays are over). We are kind of obsessed with it.


Be sure to check back for tips on how to deck out the next room of the house: your entryway/staircase.

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