Deck Your House For the Holidays: Entryway Staircase

Posted on November 04, 2018

This Christmas, we have come up with some tips and tricks to get every inch of your house in the holiday spirit. No matter what your stylistic preference is for the winter season, whether it's classy, colorful, farmhouse, or modern; these scenes can be recreated in homes with all sorts of styles and themes; just make it your own!

In a lot of homes, the first things guests typically see when they walk through the door is an entryway staircase. This year, we are using that to our advantage to greet our guests and make them feel at home. Here are some tips to make your entryway staircase the favorite part of your Christmas display.


Deck It Out

Don't be shy this year with the amount of decor you use. The more the merrier! Filling a space is made a lot easier when you put a bench at the base of the banister. We styled ours to hold some white and furry white throw pillows, which match the style of our natural colored tree. This white Christmas-inspired display couldn't have gone without our Tux™ penguin decorations. We also filled the space underneath the bench with clean metallic wire baskets to be the catch-all for our winter scarfs and mittens.


The Most Wonderful Patterns of The Year

We like to take advantage of the holiday by displaying all of our favorite patterns and colors. A great and fun way to do this is by using your wrapping paper as decor and not just on presents. We got creative and displayed ours in a natural looking umbrella basket, which turned out to be the perfect size!




Wrap It Up

We want you to wrap it up this Christmas, and we aren't talking about gifts! One of the best ways to make a staircase pop is by wrapping the banister with garland. It adds some contrast and gives you the opportunity to hang some of your favorite ornaments. We chose more of our Tux™ penguins along with some polar bears.


Seasonal Display

A bench isn't the only way to create a stunning display. Use this teak and metal console table at the base of your staircase landing; its sleek and slender design makes the space feel open but still provides quite a bit of real estate to decorate. We kept it simple with some faux pine trees, which stand pretty next to our simplistic candlelight. We also took an opportunity to display Christmas cards on a wire wreath.



Be sure to check back for tips on how to deck out the next room of the house: your dining space!

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