Creative Storage Solutions for Small Kitchens

Posted on January 15, 2020

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You know how you scroll through Pinterest looking for kitchen ideas and most of them are giant expensive kitchens with massive floor plans that look nothing like yours? Whether you are looking for a creative way to add counter space, have a random nook that needs filled, or even just want something unique to add to your space, here is one of our favorite on trend ways to add storage space to your small kitchen!

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Rentals, fixer uppers, old homes, low budgets, they all usually lead to the same struggle: creating a stylish space with enough room for all of your kitchen needs. With the amount of time spent in this room on a daily basis, homeowners want to be proud of their space, and they want it to be functional. Luckily, we have a solution! Our white utility unit (which comes in various colors) is sturdy, easy to put together and personalize to your needs, fits in most spaces, and allows for extra countertop space and shelf storage. Not to mention it goes with anything!

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Get creative with what you use it for! Here are a couple ideas:

1. Prep Counter: Prepare some of your favorite recipes and keep your go-to tools within reach by hanging pots, pans and measuring cups from the hooks. Dishes can be stored underneath for easy access to plate your well deserved snack or meal!

2. Coffee Nook: Find yourself here every morning (and maybe a few more times throughout the day - we don't judge) to brew your coffee. Decorate the shelves with all of the tools, some plants and other feel goods. You can even hang your treasured coffee mugs from the hooks!

3. Pantry: Utilize the shelves by displaying all of your canned goods, breads, fruits and veggies.

4. Bar Cart: This could be fun! Deck it out with shakers, cork screws, and other cocktail accessories. Complete the entertainment rack by storing other hosting necessities such as napkins, chargers and tabletop decor.

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No matter what you decide, this unit has the ability to make your kitchen both stylish and functional. Top it off with a few unique accents and we are sure that it will easily become one of your new favorite spots!

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