Coffee Corner Ideas That You Need In Your Morning Ritual

Posted on January 30, 2019

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The Classic Corner

If you are a classic coffee drinker, then odds are you have struggled with creating an attractive space on your counter top for your coffee maker and coffee grinds. Often times it can make your counter top look cluttered and in constant disarray. One easy solution that is sure to transform your space is finding appealing storage solutions for your classic coffee corner. We used a eye-catching copper wire basket to hold coffee filters and some of the kid's favorite drink packets, and a lidded glass jar to store our grinds (and maintain the freshness!). To top it off, we styled the counter with a faux plant to give it a pop!


The Simple Station

For those of us who love coffee but hate a mess, we have found a true friend in the Keurig. While it certainly makes our mornings quick and easy, it's rather large and can be quite the eyesore. One way we created a space we loved is by placing it in a corner, and pairing it with sleek and clean looking storage containers that hold the K-Cups.


The Enthusiast Environment

Lastly, for the coffee drinkers that swear that the best cup of joe is made with a french press- this one's for you. The great thing about a french press is that it is light and doesn't require a lot of room. While your first reaction may to find a spot for it in your kitchen cabinets, we think it has earned it's place to be front and center. We styled our french press on a marble tray along with all the tools needed for the coffee process. You can choose to set it on your counter, dining room table, or even on a side table next to your favorite place to sit and relax in the morning. No matter where you decide to put it, the process is simple and smells oh so good.

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The Relaxing Region

No matter what approach you take when making your morning coffee, everyone needs a place to enjoy it. We suggest setting up a scene by the window to soak up some sunlight while you enjoy your newly brewed drink. Find a lounge chair that you love, toss some blankets and pillows on it, and pair it with a plant of any size to make the space feel fresh and inviting.


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