An Easter Basket for The Master Griller

Posted on April 08, 2019

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Easter baskets aren't just for the kids. Who says the adults can't treat themselves every once in a while? In this case, we think that whoever is planning on getting behind the grill this upcoming season deserves this basket of goods! It's a master griller's dream.

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Get to the store, grab a cart, or get comfy with your laptop online. Either way, check these items off your list to put together this smokin' Easter basket.

1. The basket itself has to be a winner, so go with our trustworthy Maiz™ basket! It's useful for so many reasons and is woven recycled corn husks to give it a stylish natural vibe.

2. A master griller's best friends: utensils. Go for a set of quality utensils that can be trusted handling all of the tasty treats, and top off your utensil set with a pair of oven mitts for when things get heated.

3. An apron. This one needs to be up to the task of taking the brunt of greasy fingers.

4. Matching Edison™ utensil cup and condiment caddy for easy storage.

5. A cookbook is a must.

6. A chemical free dish soap to wash dirty dishes and hands after the deed is done.

7. A resistant Folio™ pouch could come in handy to store all sorts of things, including favorite recipes!

8. A matching dish towel (to hopefully save the apron from too much damage).

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