A Neutral and Natural Nursery Reveal

Posted on October 12, 2019

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There is a new trend circulating through the baby world. While some choose to go all out in theming their baby's nursery with bold colors or figurines, there is another option for those of us who would like to keep it a bit more neutral. Whether you aren't finding out the gender until the baby is born, or want to keep the style consistent with the rest of your house, here is our take on a neutral and natural "themed" nursery and why we think it is one of the best trends of the year!

1. Neutral colors typically allow for a space to look bigger.

Have you ever walked into a room that has a bold color on the wall (such as red, black, bright green/blue, etc.) and immediately felt a bit claustrophobic? That's because some colors bring more attention to the size of the room rather than being a background to the items inside the room. If you are working with a small room for your nursery but want a bit of 'pop', consider doing a statement wall and choose one wall to display your color of choice!

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2. A natural look is great for both a boy and girl room.

Some people think that if you go for a neutral look then you miss out on all of the cute little boy or girl trends, such as decorating with flowers, rainbows, trucks or animals. But one benefit of the majority of the room not being gender specific is that while you can add in those feminine or masculine touches, the room could easily transform for the next baby that comes along- no matter the gender! Or after the first couple years it could transition into a playroom or other living space without having to change too much.

For this neutral themed boy's room, we added in little touches such as a vintage painting of child football players on the wall, placed in some stuffed animals and displayed some darker colored accents in boy patterns/colors such as books and swaddle blankets.

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3. Neutral doesn't necessarily mean colorless. It just allows for your colors of choice to make a subtle statement.

If we had to choose a color "theme" for this nursery, it would be:

  • sage green
  • mustard/rust

We worked in those colors amongst the grays, whites, creams and browns which allows for our colors of choice to be noticed but not scream "look at me!". It makes for a softer and cozier baby room.

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4. A neutral and natural nursery gives you the excuse to buy all kinds of woven baskets for storage and decor.

If you scroll through Pinterest for five minutes, walk through a home store or peek onto our lifestyle blog then you will notice a trend: woven baskets. They are universal! You could stick them in any corner of your home and not only are they practical for storage, but they act as home accents. The same goes for your nursery. We used some of our favorite woven baskets (different colors, shapes, sizes and weaves to add some variety) to both decorate and store everyday baby items.

Speaking of universal storage, we loved using these different sized clear boxes as drawer storage for clothes, socks and accessories!

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5. Natural looking decor and furniture is easy to DIY.

Even if you aren't the craftiest person or have never picked up a hammer, natural themed rooms allow for a little wiggle room on the quality of decor. For instance, this home shelf was built out of scrap wood one Saturday and is one of the sweetest touches in the room! It pulls together the other white and wood accents such as the wicker side table, dresser and the crib with wood legs. It also will function as a hanging playhouse for the kids to play with when they get older. That is just one example of the projects that could take place; the possibilities are endless!

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