A Mother's Day Dream

Posted on April 06, 2017

by Christa Geraghty, Creative Goddess


I can hear them coming! The scurry of ten little feet and a not so gentle knocking on my bedroom door as it bursts opens. While I know they are standing by my bed (I can feel them breathing on my face), I try to get those last few minutes of “sleep” before the chaos begins. Through my tired eyes, I can still see my children peering back at me with huge grins. Instantly, I realize it is that time again - Mother’s Day!

My children approach me and exclaim, “Look what we made for you!” Not going to lie to you. While I know I am going to love anything my kids give me, as a mother of five, the dream of a tummy tuck and a trip to St. Thomas come to mind, but waking up out of that dream with a rubbing of the eyes and a slow move to rise up in bed, I see it … the gift!

TreatYourselfDetail2.jpgThe handmade card and pictures sit upon a gorgeous teak tray loaded with goodies. “Happy Mother’s Day!” they say in unison. Set out before me on the tray is the the perfect breakfast - a pint of cookie dough ice cream and a full wine glass adorned with the cutest hummingbird glass marker. Of course, no Mother’s Day tray would be complete without a charming little bud vase holding a single blush-colored flower (my youngest states proudly that she picked it).

There’s no doubt, my kids know my weaknesses: food, drink and pretty things. It is all so beautiful – especially the card and pictures! As I sit in my bed with the 5 littles, all of them devouring the cookie dough ice cream sharing one spoon and me sipping my wine, the sun radiates. I smile, watching my children laugh and giggle while poking at each other. No question, here and now, this is MY dream bubble on Mother’s Day!

[Note to self: tummy tuck and St. Thomas for Christmas!]



Takara Tray ($45.00 retail)


Buddy Vase ($4.50 retail)


Hummingbird Drink Charms Set ($10.00 set/6)


IceCreamHuggy Holder ($11.50)

What's your Mother's Day dream? Comment below for a chance to win this dreamy breakfast tray loaded with goodies (just add your favorite wine and ice cream)!


Christa Geraghty is a writer, chef, puppy lover, obsessed DIYer, tech junkie and creative goddess. As a college educated mom of many (5 to be exact) and nana to 2, Christa is continuously focused on expanding her knowledge and skills. In addition to her educational and imaginative adventures, Christa enjoys spending time with family and friends.

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