A Home Office You Will Actually Use

Posted on December 18, 2018

When motivation to get work done is already scarce, creating an area in your home to get that work done can be a challenge. It's more important than finding a place that has enough room for your laptop or doesn't have too much noise; it's about creating a space that will encourage and inspire productive work. We have a few tips to organize a home office that you will actually use.


Let There Be Light

A bright and airy space is probably the best decision you could make when creating a home office. It provides energy and makes the space look more inviting and fun. If you don't have a room with a lot of natural light, maximize brightness by having light colored walls. You could follow along with the latest trends and style your space with white shiplap walls, or choose to give your space a fun accent wall with a bright wallpaper design.


A Few of Your Favorite Things

When creating a space you love, fill it with things you love. Top your desk with a photo from your favorite vacation, stock a magazine file full of your favorite magazine subscriptions, and make sure that there is always a coaster ready for your favorite latte or tea. Take every opportunity to give your desk area some of your personality and you will be more likely to end up there and get to work.



Fun Storage Solutions

No matter what kind of work you need to get done, there will always be a need for storage. To prevent your office from aquiring the dreaded metal file cabinet, go a different route with our Takara­™ ladder and baskets. You could create storage solutions both high and low by tucking a stylish basket under your desk to hold some additional work essentials.



All Nat-ur-al

While we certainly encourage the use of color and fun designs, having some natural elements gives depth to your office space. These could range from wood accents or rustic metal accessories (such as a pencil cup), to potted plants/a vase with sprigs and wicker wall decor (we got creative and hung our Liana™ serving tray and a Maiz™ placemat) and woven rattan furniture. Here, we've created a bohemian vibe with a little bit of a modern twist to show off our gold accessories and a cork geometric desk topper that holds reminders and to do lists.



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