A Father's Day Gift He Won't Forget

Posted on May 30, 2019

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Every year Father's Day comes around and the same gift ideas get tossed around. So instead of deciding between a gift card to a steakhouse or 9 holes of golf, put together a personalized gift package that he will love! We've got a few ideas for you...

Our natural woven Maiz™ basket is the perfect vessel for all things that scream "you rock Dad!". Here are a few ideas of items that you could stuff it with:

1. Grilling utensils

2. Local BBQ sauce

3. Gray Folio™ pouch (made of recycled tyvek so it is sure to hold up for any of his hobbies or small tools!)

4. Edison™ utensil cup and caddy

5. Recipe book for some grilling inspiration

6. A handy apron

and of course...

7. Some dish soap to work off the grease!

Img 1539
Img 1549
Img 1554

It shouldn't be long before he is putting his gifts to good use, and everybody wins once he starts up the grill!

IMG 9835
IMG 9844

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