A Classy Mother's Day Brunch

Posted on May 02, 2019

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It happens every year. We all panic at the thought of giving a gift to our moms that communicates how insanely grateful we are to them. This year, ditch the classic pedicure gift card and chocolates and give her something she won't forget! Here are our tips on how to put together an unforgettable Mother's Day brunch experience that is just as classy as the mother in your life.

A Table Full of Her Favorites

Whether she prefers quiche, waffles, bagels or crepes, none of it will matter if the table isn't surrounded by your mom's favorite people. Make sure that siblings and dearest friends mark their calendar to make this brunch a priority.

Tasty Traditions

The food provided at this event could be an additional way that you give back and make your mom feel appreciated. Sift through the recipe box that you grew up with and make a long time family favorite dish that stirs up all sorts of sweet memories. Sprinkle in some newer treats such as your mom's favorite baked goods and drinks. Go the extra mile to style the food provided on some colorful dishes that make the event feel bright and fun.


Delicate Decor

While the people present and food served are most important, don't forget about the little details (literally). Pick some flowers from your sprouting garden and style them in our Buddy™ vase set. The quaint vases add a stylish and delicate flair to the tablescape while not taking up too much room. They also make great parting gifts!


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