6 Lifestyle Trends Popular this Fall

Posted on October 07, 2016

Velvet, Metallic, Matte, Neutral, Minimalist, 70's: These 6 themes hint at what you can expect to see trending this fall in fashion and interiors. Not only are each of these trends a statement on their own, but they are just as powerful when combined together. Although velvet and metallic provide a sense of luxury, when paired correctly with the contrasting minimalism of matte black and neutral tones, they create a boho-chic vibe that puts a modern twist on the 70's.


Soft and glamorous, velvet is just as fabulous as a couch as it is as a dress. Pair with marble accents (also trending!) for additional elegance.

velvet collage.jpg

Carbaugh tray $51.00 retail

Dress: somerollingstone.tumblr.com

Nails: beautythere.com

Shoes: freepeople.com

Couch: theyallhateus.com


Turn up the ambiance with metallic accents in silvers, golds, coppers, and bronze.

metallic collage.jpg

Fractal candleholder $7.00 retail

Savoy storage nest $31.50 retail

Lincoln cabinet basket $67.50 retail

Dress: vogue.com

Sunglasses: shopstyle.com

Kitchen: architectureartdesigns.com

Matte Black

Matte black is the new black. A sleek and modern touch for a home, office, or outfit.

matte black collage.jpg

Frisco letter tray $13.50 retail

Frisco file box $27.00 retail

Watch: clusewatches.com

Dining room:pepi-homedecor.xyz

Kitchen: upinteriors.com

Car: gotcyber.net


Earth-tones continue to stay in style, helping to balance out pops of color, while being equally beautiful on their own.

neautral collage.jpg

Takara lantern $112.50 retail

Basic Wax candles ranging from $6.00-$63.00 retail

Jacket: momichetataotgrada.com

Bedroom: outlook.live.com

Hair: collegetimes.com


Less is more seems to be the new motto when it comes to home decor and fashion. Simple lines, white light, and iron accents create a cool aesthetic.

minimalism collage.jpg

Urban Outfitters Wire Wall Grid $59.00 retail

Cabo wall pocket $67.50 retail

Takara side table $180.00 retail

Closet: bloglovin.com/blogs/le-fashion

Earring: bloglovin.com/blogs/runaway-gypsy

Bedroom: interiorbreak.it

Outfit: eslamoda.com

70's inspired

Love it or hate it, the 70's are back baby! Get groovy with floppy hats, suede accessories, colorful decor, and geometric shapes.

70s collage.jpg

Waterhyacinth laundry basket $157.50 retail

Cornell baskets $36.00-$56.50 retail

Sunglasses: spelldesigns.com

Kitchen: popsugar.com

Living room: blog.froy.com

Outfit: fashiongonerogue.com

Which trend are you most excited to rock this fall?

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