5 Eco-Friendly Changes You Can Make In your Everyday Routine

Posted on February 06, 2020

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We are lucky to live in an age that is flooding with companies and brands that are aware of the impact that our everyday habits have on our planet (Design Ideas is PROUD to be one of them). There are so many great products on the market that make it easy for us to make simple changes that could have a big impact. Here are five changes that you can make TODAY to switch up your routine to be more eco-friendly!

#1 Transfer Your Cleaning Products to Reusable Glass Bottles

The large amount of plastic that makes its way into our home has a lot to do with the products that get everyday use, such as soaps and cleaning products. Making the simple change to buy these cleaners in bulk and transfer them to a recycled glass spray bottle would make a big difference. Label your cleaning products and set up an easy access display as an added bonus! We styled our kitchen cleaner in our favorite eco-friendly woven basket, which is made out of dried leaves from harvested corn plants.

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#2 Make Your Own Latte

This one might sound silly, but if you knew how often we did a coffee run you would understand! Here's why it made the cut:

When you make your latte at home, that's one less car ride and one less plastic cup, lid and straw! Also, you could save your money to stock up on some of these adorable glass mugs. If you prefer using a straw to sip your beverage, try out some reusable straws like these bamboo ones! We have some coming out later this spring; be excited!

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#3 Try Out Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap

Food storage is a huge issue when it comes to being eco-friendly. In a world where everything comes in a plastic bag, here is one great way to store your food to make it keep longer! Beeswax Food Wrap is a natural food storage alternative to plastic wrap, so now you can store your leftovers without the guilt. It comes in various sizes and can be used over and over for up to a year!

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#4 Invest In These Universal-Use Silicone Bags

We use baggies for just about everything. Whether it's to pack a lunch or store and organize trinkets, silicone bags are the way to go. These non-toxic bags are dishwasher and microwave safe, and endlessly reusable. So, they can basically take anything you can throw at them (or in them).

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#5 Say Goodbye to Water Bottles

This tip isn't anything new, but might be one of the hardest habits to break. For those of us who prefer chilled water, these glass decanter carafe bottles are the way to go. Are you noticing the 'glass trend' here? They are reusable, effective, and stylish. Break them out when there is company or on a seasonably warm day, and pat yourself on the back for all of the plastic you managed to avoid!

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