31 Days to a More Organized Life: 4 Steps to a Fabulous Kitchen

Posted on January 12, 2017

Could your life use an organizational makeover? Is your New Year Resolution to get organized but you're not sure where to start? Over the next month we are giving tips to help you get better organized in every aspect of your life. We're breaking it down into easy-to-achieve steps so that even the messiest clutterbugs can clean up their act. In Week 1, we outlined 5 tips for organizing your office. This week, we tackle the kitchen.



Let's tackle your kitchen clutter.

How often do you find your family or guests standing around in the kitchen during or after a meal? Our guess is pretty often. The kitchen is the central hub of activity in any home. Keeping it clean and organized helps make it that much more enjoyable not only for you, but for family and friends. Here are 4 quick tips to get your kitchen organized for the new year.

TASK 1: Purge - Go through EVERY cabinet and drawer (yes, even that infamous junk drawer) and get rid of anything you no longer use or need. Be brutally honest with yourself - if you haven't used it in the last 5 years you're probably not going to be using it anytime soon. Trash-toss in style with our Otzi wastecan, an upscale, sophisticated take on the traditional trash receptacle.


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TASK 2: Sort - Next, start arranging like items with like items and organize according to frequency of use. The items and utensils you use more often should be placed in baskets and bins inside cupboards and in easy to reach places. To create extra space, place hooks under your cabinets to hang mugs, potholders, and towels. Use our Vinea undershelf basket to store smaller items that don't stack.

vinea undercabinet 2.jpg

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TASK 3: Divide - Use drawer dividers like our Lincoln drawer stores to ensure that every item has a place (see Junk Drawer comment above).


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TASK 4: Track – Do you ever get to the store or sit down to start planning your grocery list and think, what was that thing I just ran out of the other day? Keep track of items you’re running low on as soon as you think of them by putting a dry erase board on or near your fridge. Our Cloud magnet board is the perfect size for quick lists and reminders. You’ll never forget again!

cloud dry erase.jpg

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READ WEEK 1: Let's talk about your office...

Stay tuned for WEEK 3: 5 Steps to a Beautiful Bathroom!

Are you taking our 31-Day Challenge to a more organized life? Leave a comment and let us know how you're doing!

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