31 Days to a More Organized Life: 3 Steps to a Beautiful Bathroom

Posted on January 21, 2017

Could your life use an organizational makeover? Is your New Year Resolution to get organized but you're not sure where to start? Over past few weeks we've been giving tips to help you get better organized in every aspect of your life. In Weeks 1 and 2, we outlined tips for organizing your office and kitchen. Now it's time to get personal and talk about your bathroom situation (EEK).



Although your bathroom might only be seen and used by you or your immediate family members, having it clean and organized can save you a ton of time - and we all know we could use more of that. Having to root through drawers and cabinets to find what you need to get ready in the morning, or when you have a cold and you're searching for that cough syrup, only adds to already-stressful situations. Plus, having a clean and organized bathroom is better for your health. Who wants their toothbrush sitting around in a gummy mucky puddle? So roll up your sleeves and dive in - we promise it'll be quick and painless.

Task 1: Purge - Empty those drawers and cabinets. Since medicines and beauty products can expire, be smart and safe by throwing away anything that's past its marked expiration date.

Task 2: Organize - When organizing your bathroom, start with the items you use on a daily basis and store them on your countertop or in your top cabinet drawer for easy access. If you have a medicine cabinet above your sink, this is actually a great place to store these frequently used items. In fact, according to a new report by NPR, the medicine cabinet is not the ideal place to store medications at all. If space permits, they should be stored someplace that is less susceptible to moisture and heat, which can decrease the effectiveness of your medications.


1. Mesh Medicine Cabinet Basket ($7 retail) - this brilliant contraption clips onto the bottom of your medicine cabinet shelf to maximize storage space!

2. Cooper Makeup Brush Organizer ($17 retail) - Coated in a brand new type of epoxy that is rust and corrosion resistant, this organizer is the perfect way to keep your makeup brushes clean and organized.

3. Takara DrawerStores ($6-$12.50 retail) - Wood in the bathroom? Yes. Not only are these trays beautiful enough to leave out on the countertop, they're also made of teak wood, which is naturally suited for warm, humid environments. Stack several sizes to house soaps, makeup, hair accessories and other frequently-used items in a small footprint on your vanity.

4. Squish Bath Accessories ($8-$17 retail) - These sophisticated pieces look like frosted glass, but they're actually made of squishy, washable and shatter-proof silicone.

Task 3: Think Creatively - Once your frequently used items are organized, you can sort the remaining items you still need in your bathroom and choose the appropriate containers for the remaining space. Most bathrooms are tight on space, so think creatively about how you can make the most out of the space you have. Here are a few great suggestions.


1. HookOver hook ($3.50 retail) - hangs over the top of your bathroom door to hold towels and robes.

2. Mesh Slim Shelf ($84.50) - tuck this smart shelf in a corner, between the toilet and sink, or against the wall to hold toiletries.

3. LaCrate ($22.50 retail) - Keep a stash of cleaning supplies (disinfecting wipes, spray, paper towels, etc) ready to go whenever you need it under the sink in this handy little carrier.

4. Cooper Nail Polish Shelf ($34 retail) - The number of nail polishes in a girl's repertoire has become a status symbol; show it off while saving space! Mount on the wall or on the inside of a cabinet door to store small makeup bottles, medications and other items you don't want on display.

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Stay tuned for WEEK 4: 5 Steps to the Closet of your Dreams!

Are you taking our 31-Day Challenge to a more organized life? Leave a comment and let us know how you're doing!

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