3 Ways To Freshen Up Your Table Centerpiece

Posted on July 07, 2019

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Whether you like to keep things simple, are always ready for your next chance to host, or want to bring in some seasonal accents, you will never run out of options for freshening up your dining room table centerpiece display. We are showing you three different ways to style your centerpiece and hope it will inspire you to put your own spin on it to suit your needs!

The first display we put together is for the classic farmhouse decorator.

We pulled in all of the elements that any stylish farmhouse needs: wicker, metals, china, fresh greens, and terracotta. All of which work together to give a beautiful natural vibe to your dining room. In this display, we styled all of the practical necessities for sitting down to a home cooked meal on a convenient woven serving tray (which means this centerpiece is mobile!):

-Classic and simple salt and pepper shakers.

-A vintage inspired butter dish.

-A woven wire storage nest to stack freshly pressed linen napkins.

-Baby's breath flowers styled in a modern looking vase.

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Next up is a centerpiece styled to perfection for the bright boho bartender.

This display brings in summery vibes by showcasing your favorite beverage accessories in a bright and colorful way. This centerpiece includes:

-Paired copper mugs to bring in stylish metal accents.

-A very necessary cocktail shaker to make you look like a professional.

-A bowl full of fresh fruit to add a punch to any cocktail.

-Linen napkins to soften the display and to be prepared for any spill.

-A stylish wooden serving tray to bring in wood accents and make this cocktail station mobile.

-A colorful, trendy, summer inspired table runner to bring an exotic twist to your display.

-Top it off with wooden tealight holders to set the mood for relaxing evenings at home.

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Lastly, we pulled together some natural elements for the zen homeowner.

This centerpiece is the perfect display to create a relaxing environment in your home. All it requires is:

-Some of your favorite assorted plants, whether they are home grown succulents or freshly picked from your garden.

-A round woven basket to house all of your plants and bring a soft touch to your table.

-Fun ways to display greenery, such as our blown glass vase.

-A linen cloth to bring a pop of color and to be accessible when watering your plants gets a little messy.

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