3 Things Guests Say They Love About My Home

Posted on October 09, 2018

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Something that we lack as homeowners is the ability to see our home with fresh eyes. We spend so much time living in our house that we forget what it's like to walk in for the first time. That's why it's so fun to listen to first reactions from guests. As the homeowner, you can be reminded of those "wow factors" that make your house a home. On the other hand, as the guest, you are able to pick out the pieces that give the boldest first impression, then go home and get to work! Here are three things that I noticed guests raving about when invited into my home.

Make Walls That POP

The ooo’s and the ahhh’s were almost immediate when walking through the front door. Why? Because of the shiplap masterpiece that caught the guest’s attention. Statement walls can do so many things for your home. Sure, they can add texture and dimension to your space, but, most of all, they add some personality! Take a scroll through Pinterest to look at all of the ways you can make a statement with walls: our beloved shiplap, wallpaper , a bold color, pallet wood, faux brick, beadboard, wainscoting...you get the picture.

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Pockets of Cozy

As guests moved through the living space, they pointed out both the attractiveness and practicality of the little bookcases. Bookcase accessories ranged anywhere from antique finds, dining accessories, memorabilia, seasonal decorations and smell goods (hello, all of the Anthropologie candles). These bookcases add just the right amount of coziness to those (sometimes awkward) corner spaces. Need some tips on how to style a bookshelf like a boss? I got you.

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Dining Space

If you’re treating your guests right, then they'll be spending time in your dining room (hopefully surrounded by delicious food and fine wine). Compliments just kept coming when talking about the eclectic furniture pieces and simplistic table settings. The weathered and reclaimed wooden dining table and bench were bold statement pieces that provided a warm and welcoming invitation for guests to sit back and relax. Topped with a simple yet stylish centerpiece, the dining space was a hit.

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