3 Easy Tips to Style Your Bookshelf Like a Boss

Posted on September 11, 2018

For those of us who don’t enjoy reading in our spare time, the thought of styling a bookcase can be really intimidating; and for those of us who do love reading, styling all your books in a way that is aesthetically pleasing can be just as much of a challenge. Luckily, we rounded up easy solutions that can help both bookworms and those who would rather watch Netflix.

Bookshelf 2.jpg

#1 Stand Up & Lay Down

Pairing books that stand upright with books that lay down can make your bookshelf look more intentional and stylish. The books that are laying down also work as a weight to keep the others upright.

Pro tip: you can find vintage hardcover books at local antique stores or thrift shops. Not into the vintage look? You can score hardcover books at your local dollar store for only $1.00!

Bookcase Like A Boss 2.jpg

#2 Mix it Up

Incorporating a mixture of different materials and natural elements can make your space feel well-rounded. Find open storage containers that are both decorative and practical. Instead of plastic bins, choose storage baskets with industrial appeal, like these woven wire baskets. These baskets add a functional storage solution without sacrificing style.

Disclaimer: Adorable bunny featured (Dixie) is not for sale but how perfectly does she complement the décor? 😊

Bookcase Like A Boss 3.jpg

#3 Don’t Just Store Books

There are so many practical and stylish things that can be put on bookshelves beside books. Wanting more practical items? Store a blanket in one of the baskets, store important paperwork in a lidded box or even display a jar filled with guitar picks or bobby pins.

Really only wanting decorative items to supplement the books on display? You can liven up your space with some greenery (faux or real); display it on a wooden pedestal to really call attention to it. You can also fill in empty spaces with photo frames or small vases.

Bookcase Like A Boss 1.jpg

We want to see your shelfie! Post a photo of your bookshelf featuring Design Ideas products with the hashtag #MyDIStyle – we might just share it on our social media channels.

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