12 DI DIYs with a Can of Gold Spray Paint

Posted on August 10, 2016

Gold is making a major comeback, so we've chosen 12 DI products and given them a metallic makeover. You can DIY by simply applying a touch of gold spray paint to your favorite DI products. Watch them transform into one of the hottest colors of the year!

Adam the Doodles Man ($28.50 retail): Adam the Doodles Man will be your best pal - always there when you need him. He never rusts, never rests, never eats, never sleeps. He will dance, he will climb, he will sit quietly and listen with a sympathetic ear.

adam before and after 3.jpg

Folio pouch ($11.50-$22.50 retail): Our Folio pouches will hold everything from your tablet to glasses to loose change.

folio before and after 2.jpg

Eve the Doodles Woman ($28.50 retail): Eve the Doodles Woman's ingenious joints enable her to perform any task. The ultimate modern woman, she has time for it all; she will work, she will play, she will sit quietly and listen, she will hold office items or reminder notes. She will stand on her own two feet, encouraging all women to do the same.

eve before and after 2.jpg

Edison pencil cup ($8.00 retail): Use as a desk accessory for pens and pencils or check out our blog on 5 Unconventional Ways to use a Pencil Cup here!

edison before and after 2.jpg

Cabo wall pocket ($67.50 retail): Hang in your office or home to sort mail, magazines, or papers.

cabo before and after 3.jpg

SimpleStructure magazine file ($34.00 retail): The perfect place to organize all of your files. Just use painter's tape to create an epic design!

simple structure before and after 2.jpg

CrossCountry message board ($79.00 retail): Post important notes and reminders to help you reach your destination at the end of each day, or photos of your vacations to gaze up at when you need a mental break.

crosscountry before and after 2.jpg

Hannibal bookend ($27.00 retail): Add a whimsical touch to your decor with this bookend!

hannibal before and after 2.jpg

Building blocks sculptures ($22.50 retail): Display these iconic structures in a place of honor or give them as a gift to a world traveler. Collect them all to create a miniature cityscape on your shelf.

city before and after 2.jpg

NailedIt Pushpins ($7.00 retail): When you complete a task or cross off everything on that to-do list, these pushpins will be the first to congratulate you. #NailedIt

nailed it before and after 2.jpg

StikIt ($22.50 retail): A tape dispenser that doesn’t budge when you pull on the tape because our innovative technology will grip any surface so tightly, the tape dispenser stays where you put it.

stikit before and after 2.jpg

Takara wastecan ($51.00 retail): Throw away trash in style! Simply use painter's tape to create a a simple design! Wood + metallic is a major trend right now!

ss before and after 2.jpg

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