10 Adorable Desk Accessories That Will Make Your Day

Posted on May 20, 2016

Since we spend nearly one third of our life working, shouldn't it be fun? At Design Ideas, we are always trying to make work a happier place with desk accessories that are fun and affordable. The following picks are so charming they are sure to make your day. Can you handle the cuteness?


1. Teddy Bear Scissors ($25 retail): You can count on this lovable colleague to deliver your essential desk accessories to you right when you need them. Teddy's ears are scissors, his hands are magnetic to hold paperclips and magnets and his feet are weighted down to double as a paper weight. *GASP!*

2. Blossom Pebble Box ($15 retail): Beautifully designed like river rock, the Blossom Pebble Box will brighten up your office space while keeping your desk organized. Just watch the short video above - tidying up your desk has never been cuter.


3. Last Log Pencil Sharpener ($10 retail): As you sharpen your pencil, the wood shavings build up, reminding you about tree conservation. Genius!


4. Animal Clips + Holder ($10 retail): Cuteness overload. A transparent dome shows a charming animal happily residing in its own little environment while the colored paper clips complete the scene and keep the animal figurine still. To get the clips, simply pour from the top of the container. Each style sold separately and colorful paper clips included.

Elephant Desk Buddy.jpg

5. Elephant Tape Dispenser ($20 retail): Who doesn't love elephants? This playful pachyderm holds tape and paperclips so you'll never forget where to find them. Store paperclips in the mouth and dispense tape from the tummy. This desk buddy just brought cute to a whole 'nother level.


6. Squirrel + Acorn Pushpin Holder ($10 retail): Oh for cute! These adorable little squirrels promise to take care of your pushpins as well as they would look after their own acorns. For only $10 each, you'll want to get one in every color.


7. Desk Bunny Scissors ($25 retail): This Desk Bunny is as adorable as it is functional. Use Desk Bunny's ears when you need a trimming tool and his magnetic carrot holds your paperclips (included) at arms reach.


8. FixIt™ pencil sharpener ($6 retail): This desk accessory puts the fun in functional. Your pencil won't go unsharpened with the help of our FixIt™ pencil sharpener.


9. Touché™ erasers ($11.50 retail set/2): These witty erasers challenge the cliché that the pen(cil) is mightier than the sword. We recommend jousting with complex ideas, not your neighbor. Correcting your mistakes has never been so amusing.


10. Sparrow Nest Clips + Holder ($10 retail): Need an assistant to help you with paper clips scattered on your desk? These lovable little sparrows keep your desk nice and tidy by collecting paper clips (included) for their own magnetic nest.

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